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大概在两年前,我很荣幸地同Jean Houston博士在一起渡过两天的时间。Jean Houston是人性潜能运动的领军人物之一。也曾是曾经的白宫第一夫人—希拉里·克林顿的前私人顾问。
  在我们见面的这两天里,Jean Houston说到她后悔曾经在一个重要讲话中说过‘内在孩童’。她说其实不存在内在孩童。但是这个概念却被人们抓住,并把它当成我们公认的灵魂的一部分。实际上这会让我们有些精神分裂,或者分裂成两部分。我们应该成长、负责任、活在当下,但是却有一个无助的、充满渴求的内在孩童卡在过去,它需要滋养,有时还需要怜悯,总是同我们的成人,真实的、当下的自己中分裂开来。










  我答应Jean Houston博士,我将帮助她宣传这个观念,鼓励我们成长,让我们疗愈‘内在孩童’的部分,将这个能量整合进我们的其它部分。我也邀请你加入我,成为一个合一和一致的模范,然后帮助其他人达成同样的目标。


       About two years ago I had the honour of spending two days with Dr. Jean Houston, one of the leading experts in the human potential movement.  Also, a former personal consultant to the past first lady of the White House, Hillary Clinton.

During those two days of our meeting she told us that she regretted she had ever said “inner child” during a major talk she had given.  There is no inner child she said.  Yet the idea caught on and has become part of our public psyche and actually has caused us to become a little schizophrenic, or split into two.  We are to be grown up, responsible, living in the Now and yet have a helpless, craving inner child stuck in the past that needs nurturing, sometime pity and always split from our adult, real, present self.

It is time we grow up.  We can be compassioned, nurturing, accepting and caring in the present.

Very often the “inner child” is associated with a childhood trauma where helplessness is part of the experience.  You have been asked to nurture the past, that victimized part as your inner child.

Why not heal that part, unfreeze the part and let it grow up and be integrated into the adult of the day, You?  Why keep such a part inside and not invite it to become part of yourself integrated?

The Satir Model promotes the process of dealing with the trauma and helps the frozen part to grow up and be integrated.

It might be difficult to change some of the professionals to stop promoting the idea of an “inner child” living in our body, needing, nurturing, and sometimes pity.  Yet, with so much present emphasis on positive psychology, positive emotions and living in the Now, it might be time to invite therapists to change their therapy practice into a more healthy, integrative, positive therapeutic practice.

They might need some help accepting what was without liking it and actually do some interactive and intrapsychic forgiveness.  The client might also need some help letting go of a perception of a time duality that does no longer fit. Being successful, the client can then grow up emotionally, in tune with their physical and mental age. 

In the Satir Model, we invite clients into an experiential process of healing the trauma, letting go of the childhood hurt, anger, disappointments and fear. By giving this scary, needy part acceptance and love, the “inner child” part can transform into positive life energy. Then, allowing or inviting the part to move into the present as a tender, positively sensitive aspect of ones existence, the client can grow up and become whole.
Very often this process can be achieved by unearthing unmet expectations and unfulfilled yearnings and finding ways of letting go of early stuck place from within.

Emotionally, internally living in two time zones, past and present, has a tendency for the client to live in two homes at the same time. That keeps people from living in a congruent, integrated world.

In love relationships, the mate often experiences the time duality of his/her partner. Unfortunately, the past/childhood part comes across needy and cannot be satisfied for very long. Getting help to allow the frozen part, the “inner child” to melt into the present will have a great improvement on ones congruence.

I promised Dr. Jean Houston that I would help her in speaking out on this subject and encourage all of us to grow up and let our “inner child” energy heal and join and integrate with the rest of us. I ask you to join me in this process by you becoming a model of oneness and congruence and then helping others to achieve the same goal.
The big warning is that this process must be experiential not just cognitive to be successful.

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